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Welcome to my Gallery.
Please forgive me for the quality of some of the photo's, some are quite old.
I will add to this page as & when the projects develop.

This is a split screen bus I bought as scrap. I only wanted it for the window sections to weld into another van. It would be a shame to loose another UK van so I thought it wouldn't take long to sort it. This picture is after the first bit of welding. The original plan was just to get it welded & MOT'd & drive it looking ratty. There was a lot of work to do as it had been sat outside in a garden for over 10 years due to an engine fire.
I fabricated my own narrowed front beam. I took 4 inches out of the width for a nice tucked in look. A set of 4.5" BRM replica wheels with smart car tyres, 145/65x15 were used. The van was so low the tyres touched the wheel arch! I tubbed the front end, raising the inner arches to gain glearance. It could then get as low as you see it here. The steering box was very low to the ground now too, so I raised the chassis section & box up out of the way.
The rear end was converted to independant suspension & a gearbox from a 1303 beetle. This naturally lowers the rear end any way, but it has been adjusted even more. I have since removed the IRS & gone over to straight axle from a standard beetle. It sits even lower at the rear now. There is still no engine fitted.
Here is a cheeky shot of the body now it is in paint. The roof still needs to be done, as do the bolt on pannels. i was a major step to get the body painted, it was a massive job. There is still a very long way to go, I am making another front beam & detailing the underside of the van.
The front end sits just right. The tubbed arches give the tyres clearance to turn & shouldn't catch going over bumps in the road. The beam is adjustable so can go higher or lower.
The van is nice & solid now, having new cab floors & arches welded in. You can see the beam has tucked the front wheel in nicely!
After a lot of hard work the van is now MOT'd & up & running. It was good to use it for VW Action this year.
Me & my sister, with the Splitty. Watch this space for more pictures soon. Me & dad on holiday.
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